Company Culture

The New Way to succeed. advance. progress.

"Anyone can copy your strategy, but no one can copy your culture. A good strategy can only succeed if you have the right people in place to implement it."

Who We Are

Building a strong culture starts at the top. At World Connection, we believe that every client and every job is important. That is why even our top level executives are familiar with every account we handle. We believe that in order to manage and help improve your business, we need to know how it works.

A great deal of effort and thought goes into the process of building organizational alignment, and it is not something that happens by chance. Connecting our people to a purpose is an important way of helping them feel good about our company. There is a very high correlation between the way our employees feel about the company and the way our clients perform.

We emphasize the importance of seeing things from the perspective of the person with whom we are interacting. This means treating others as we would want to be treated, whether it is something as simple as respecting the janitor by picking up a paper towel that is on the restroom floor to empathizing with a frustrated customer whose order didn't arrive as promised. Be it a client, customer or employee, we put ourselves in their shoes to better understand their perspective.

Our Core Values are the guiding principles for how we expect our team to behave internally and externally. They are part of every paper, every bulletin board and every speech we share.

We have a work hard play hard mentality. Stepping outside of our usual group activities to tackle a goal together in uncharted territory is a strong foundation of our team. We do everything from playing sports together, cooking together, volunteering together and we're not afraid to try something new.

Motivation, productivity, quality work and retention are the results of a positive workplace culture. Good leadership and modeling of our core values promotes these positive attitudes from our employees.